Royal National Park – Figure 8 Pools

5 hour hike in 30 degree heat… let’s just say it’s not how I would usually find myself spending my Saturday however the below pictures can’t even justify how amazing the views of this coastal hike really are.


The figure 8 pools are naturally formed, beautiful pools which you can’t wait to jump into after your long hike! Nothing beats that refreshing plunge into some fresh sea water and believe me it definitely takes your breath away!

Although we did actually queue for time in the above figure 8 pool it wasn’t as busy as I had expected for a hot spring day but I have read reviews that it is always filled with people.

Where? NSW Royal National Park. 

Top Tips?

  • Make sure you make a day of it.. the walk is a little longer than I expected but well worth it.
  • Take plenty of food and water! I’d make a picnic to have down there next time and enjoy some more time relaxing by the pools!
  • Make sure you check the weather conditions and tide times… you don’t want to get there and the pools be under water. 

I would definitely recommend doing this hike and visiting the natural pools and it’s another thing ticked off my Sydney bucket list!